Help Fido Ditch Last Year's Winter Coat

Depend on us for expert deshedding services

You love Fido with all your heart, but that doesn't mean you have to love the hair and dead skin cells floating around your home and getting on your clothes and furniture. Take care of stray strands with a deshedding appointment at Sarah's Dog Grooming Service.

Instead of shaving, we use a special blow-out method designed to remove dead hair and skin without interfering with the topcoat that protects your dog's skin from sun damage.

Find out what our special deshedding process can do for your pup-contact us today.

Why is deshedding so important?

By regularly removing your dog's excess hair, you can:

  • Keep your dog from overheating during the warmer months.
  • Stop allergens like pet dander from spreading throughout your home.
  • Prevent dead skin and hair from causing skin irritation or mats in your dog's coat.

Do Fido-and your furniture-a favor. Call 563-659-1414 now to make a deshedding appointment for your furry friend.